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Rock Revolution for only $5, still not worth it


This is a warning to anyone out there enticed by the image to the right: The overlords at Best Buy actually expect you to pay them five dollars for taking a copy of Rock Revolution off their hands. At first, we assumed that the company was rewarding customers for freeing up much needed shelf space. Alas, it is not so. Rather, it seems that Rock Revolution has been relegated to but one, rickety step above landfill status. It has hit the very, very bottom of the bargain bin.

We're not sure if this sale is going on at all Best Buy locations, but it might be worth checking your local store just for posterity. Bring a camera, because this may be the only time you will ever see a new, sealed game for five bucks. We're not suggesting you actually buy it, of course.

[Thanks, Bryan!]

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