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Square Enix posts an 83% drop in operating income

Kyle Horner

The headline may seem like doom and gloom in the land of Final Fantasy, but it's important to note that the Eidos purchase price is included in this latest report. The silver lining here is that the company's game business sales saw a 7.2 percent increase in the last quarter, so even with the operating loss there's a strong chance of quick recovery due to sales.

For one thing, Square Enix's mobile sales have seen a record sales increase. Additionally, new titles like Dragon Quest IX are raking in the cash and probably won't stop for a while.

Then there's that impending release of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan, so we're really not surprised that Square Enix is predicting a full year net income even now. Next year should be even bigger for the company, as Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV both release globally. After that? Why, they're going to buy the moon, Clarice -- the moon!

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