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Dan O'Halloran

Love your Warlock more than your childhood pet? Obsess over DPS charts at the end of every raid? Spend hours scanning Armory profiles of top rated Warlocks to analyze their gear and spec? Read Warlock blogs and Elitist Jerk's Warlock forums on a daily basis? We may have an offer you can't refuse. is looking for a new writer to be our weekly Warlock class columnist for Blood Pact. Every week you will dazzle our readers with your words of wisdom covering everything from leveling guides to raid tactics to PvP strats to major Patch analysis to recommended AddOns for all specs and playstyles. You don't need to play all those ways (we all need a life), but you need to be able to research and write on the topics you don't have personal experience with.

If this sounds like the chance you've been waiting for, you'll find all the information you need to apply on our applications page. Be sure to submit everything asked for. Being able to follow simple instructions is part of the job. You have until end of day, Sunday, August 16th to send in your app before this message is consumed by Hellfire and is no more.

EDIT: Applications are no longer being accepted. We will look at what we received after BlizzCon and will make a final decision by September 1, 2009. If you haven't been contacted by then, you haven't been selected. Thanks.

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