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Deep Silver planning a Prison Break

Don't let that headline confuse you -- though some of UK-based developer Deep Silver's earlier work is truly criminal (namely, Singles: Flirt Up Your Life), it isn't thinking of clever ways to terminate its incarceration. Rather, it's publishing a ZootFly-developed video game adaptation of the television show Prison Break, which -- well, which sounds pretty familiar. Perhaps it's because Brash Entertainment optioned the rights to make such a game shortly before its untimely extremely timely demise.

According to a recent press release, the game's story will run parallel to the first season of the show. Players will be placed in the shoes of Tom Paxton, member of the shadowy "Company," who is sent to investigate the events leading to the arrest of the TV series' protagonist, Michael Scofield. Sounds a bit complicated to us. We'll hold out for the video game adaptation of the much more straightforward Prison Prison Break.

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