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IntensaFIRE chip adds programmable / rapid fire modes to Xbox 360 controllers

Darren Murph

The hardcore modders in attendance need not apply unless they're looking for a quick jaunt down easy street, but those terrified of solder guns, glue and screwdrivers best listen up. A newly formed company, BGRMODS, has just introduced its very product, and it's pretty much a must-have for Xbox 360 owners. IntensaFIRE is an easy-to-install chip (we're talking five minutes, tops) that modifies the Xbox 360 wireless controller in order to enable 5-mode sleeper settings (including a customizable user programmable mode) as well as a rapid-fire mode that should finally compensate for your lack of skill in Call of Duty 4. Hit the read link for the specifics on installation (trust us, there ain't much to do), and get ready to upgrade your game on September 7th for $29.99.

[Via TestFreaks, thanks Vincent]

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