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Key Square Enix, Media Molecule, Valve, Maxis staff keynoting Montreal game summit


The keynote speaker lineup for the Montreal International Game Summit 09 has been announced, and, fittingly, it's an international bunch. In fact, the Canadian event, which runs November 16 and 17, will be kicked off by Square Enix prez Yoichi Wada.

Other speakers announced include Paul Holden, lead architect at LittleBigPlanet dev Media Molecule; Chris Hecker, lead architect at EA Maxis; Valve's Jason Holtman, the bizdev exec who heads up Steam; and author slash NPR games contributor Heather Chaplin. It's Hecker who will wind up the event with a discussion titled, "Can video games be considered as cultural products in the same way as literature or theatre?" Yes, the "games as art debate" -- or at least one person's views on it.

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