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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 includes Chapter Challenge, Ninja Records modes

If there's one thing ninjas love more than totally sweet acts of acrobatic violence, it's -- no, wait. There's nothing they love more than totally sweet acts of acrobatic violence. However, high up on the list, sandwiched between guitar solos and dead pirates, is competition. Fortunately, it seems Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will possess this quality in spades -- a recent Playstation.Blog update revealed the game's two new competitive modes, titled Chapter Challenge and Ninja Records.

Chapter Challenge is unlocked once you finish the single-player campaign, and allows you to replay your favorite levels, ultimately measuring your final "Karma" score against other players on a global leaderboard. Ninja Records will supply an exhaustive list of statistics based on your play style -- highest score, largest combo, fastest time, number of sweet guitar solos -- that sort of thing.

In addition, the post reveals the design for the GameStop pre-order bonus costume, the addition of a soundtrack to the game's limited edition, and the second Japanese advertisement for the game, which we've posted after the jump. Sorry to disappoint, but it doesn't contain any plaster lady chests.

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