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Sony CMT-DH50R mini-HTIB coming to small screens, big offices in Korea

Steven Kim

We never thought we'd have to use the "mini" prefix for a HTIB system, but Sony Korea's CMT-DH50R introduction has forced our hand. The CMT-DH50R takes the familiar mini-system motif popularized in executive offices and adds in HDMI output with 1080p upscaling. Looking through the numerous badges on this 2x80-Watt system, though, you'll notice the Blu-ray logo is nowhere to be found -- sorry, folks, it's DVD only. It's also not clear if there's an HDMI input to go along with the USB device support; but Korean execs may be willing to overlook any shortcomings because the system will play back their ill-gotten and totally legit DiVX files and, more importantly, let them rock the karaoke right from their desks. We'd be surprised if this system made it to US shores in this form, so if you're itching, we suggest you grab up ₩428,000 and grab a flight.

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