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Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch in October 2010?

Lesley Smith

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been causing waves since it was first announced. The revelation that it would be the world's first fully-voiced MMO made people sit up and pay even more attention. Well now a French fan site, Star, is reporting (in French of course, but you can read it in English here) that the game will see a release date in Q3 2010, specifically September. This date is attributed to what they call 'a reliable source' within LucasArts itself. If this is true, it means there is just over a year until the game -- an MMO version of the classic Knights of the Old Republic -- is launched. Excited yet?

We're not sure how accurate this is (making it pinch of salt time, folks) and we'd really love it to be true. Particularly as the wait is not intolerable, but it also allows a nice period for beta testing. We've contacted LucasArts to confirm the release date and we will let you know what they say as and when. Until then, check out that awesome cinematic trailer below.

[via Gamerzines and]

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