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Ask Engadget HD: How can I get internet radio in my home theater?


Despite how much money and time is spent on the display in your home theater, sometimes you just want to kick back and listen to some music. While SACD or DVD-Audio might get it done for some, a craving for more selection or just letting someone else pick the songs has lead our friend Reginald to seek internet radio in his home theater, we'll let him explain:

"I have been looking at internet radio that I want to stream through my wireless network so it can be picked up on my home stereo. I have DirecTV that can pick up the network as well as a PS3 that also can see the network.

Would a program that runs on the PC be the best way to go or should one get a special tuner that is placed at the AV Receiver that connects wirelessly to the network be the best way to go."

So, can one of his networked devices double up as a streaming radio source or would a new receiver with the feature built in be the way to go? Let us know what setup works for you.

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