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Dell inadvertently throws Vostro 10 out there, quickly reels it back in

Darren Murph

Dell and leaks go together like peas in a pod, and just months after we saw the outfit's Vostro 1220 sneak out ahead of schedule, it seems as if another in the biz-minded line has found its way onto the web. Reportedly, Dell hosted up a few images (which have since been yanked) of a so-called Vostro 10, which seems to resemble the newer Inspiron line in design and looks to boast an almost unheard-of-at-this-size integrated optical drive. Unless Dell's just playing games (our wager is "no"), the unit should get official in the near future in black, red and blue. 'Course, the specs, price and actual ship date is anyone's guess, but feel free to pontificate in comments below.

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