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Hannspree adds ST251, ST281 LCD TVs to its UK lineup

Steven Kim

Quick, HD eagle-eyed reader, what's wrong with the pics above? You're looking at Hannspree's two new LCD TVs for the UK, the 25-inch ST251 (left, £269/$449) and the 28-inch ST-281 (right, £329/$549). You probably noticed that the ST251 is a 16:9 set, but the ST281 packs 1920x1200 pixels into its 16:10 aspect ratio -- while strangely limiting PC mode to 1280x1024 pixels. Depending on your aspect ratio allergies, 16:10 may only be a slight difference, but filling the screen with 16:9 content will involve some stretching, cropping, and/or dreaded black bars, so look at those features before getting too comfy with the 10,000:1 X-Contrast dynamic contrast ratio or the other marketing fluff (3D comb-filtering is not about 3D rendering, and we don't know what 3.2:2.2 pulldown is). Still not a big enough TV for you? The company is promising bigger sets later in the year, but we'll have to see which aspect ratio wins out.

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