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How Xbox Live tenure on your gamercard works


Wait, but we've been using Xbox Live since its inception! Shouldn't our gamercard have a little seven in the upper right corner? According to Microsoft's Major Nelson, not exactly. In fact, the first ever gamertag created ("e," for Xbox Live operations manager Eric Neustadter), won't officially turn seven until tomorrow. "Your Gold Veteran Status counts full years so if you've been a Gold member for 2 years, 11 months and 27 days; your status will display 2 years," says the Major.

In fact, there's a whole handful of little caveats regarding the tiny gamercard number that have been all layed out in plain English over at his blog. Unfortunately for us, regardless of those caveats, we'll likely never be as cool in Nerdland as Eric Neustadter.

[Via Xbox Gaming]

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