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Join our Netflix Movie Party this Friday night

Ben Drawbaugh

Yes that's right, we're nerds, real shocker right? So just admit it and join us for Engadget HD Movie night. We're going to take advantage of the new Netflix Movie Party feature on Xbox Live this Friday night at 9pm EST. So if you have an Xbox, a Gold membership and a Netflix subscription, you're out of excuses as we know you don't already have plans. Here's how it'll work; sign into our Ustream IRC channel when it's time and the first six people (8 person limit to Movie Parties) to post their gamer tags will get invited to the official Movie Party. Everyone else can join their own party and try to sync up the movie manually and we'll all chat it up in IRC. Now about the movie, here's a poll to decide what we'll be watching -- and yes they're all in HD.


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