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Let's go shopping in the Avatar Marketplace!

Dustin Burg

You'll find screenshots of every single item that's purchasable via the newly launched Avatar Marketplace conveniently placed in a few galleries below. Not only did we diligently snap photos of each and every item, but we also catalogued each item's name and pricing information and even put together a text-based list of all collected information. We were bored, okay?

Feel free to browse the virtual clothes racks, take a gander through our hand-picked 20 Most Interesting Avatar Items and (if you're daring) navigate through photos of all 190 Avatar items. Fun fact: if you were to purchase every single item available, the total damage would amount to about 17,680 24,720 or roughly $309. [Update: We've added an additional 58 female-only Avatar items to both our screenshot and text-based catalogs.]

Gallery: Avatar Marketplace - All Items | 190 Photos

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