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A Kafkaesque announcement of an Apple keynote the week of September 7th


Kafkaesque is defined as "characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka's fictional world." That's the way Wall Street Journal All Things Digital blogger Peter Kafka (no relation as far as I know) must be feeling.

Music industry sources are telling him that Apple is planning one of their classic September keynotes, but they're not giving him a date other than "the week of September 7th", and have no idea what exactly Apple is planning on revealing. That sounds nightmarish to me...

So, he fired up the Apple rumor machine this morning and wrote a post about the upcoming event. Kafka feels that the event will probably be used to announce something about music (duh!), most likely "Cocktail", which is Apple's rumored album format that adds cover art, liner notes, and other interactive goodies.

Kafka also notes that unless Apple announces the legendary iTablet at the event, Apple faithful are likely to be very disappointed (My personal feeling? Turn on the tears, folks).

The September event is often used to announce new iPods, and there have been rumors of a camera-enabled iPod nano, so we might hear more about that.

Whatever happens, it would be nice to see Steve Jobs on the stage again, especially if the mythical iPad is finally announced. Any reader comments on this announcement of an Apple event with no set date or concrete topic will be greatly appreciated.

Update: While Gizmodo's Brian Lam is adding fuel to the iTablet fire with a recounting of a phone call with a reputable source, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple is categorically contradicting any suggestions that the September event will include the tablet device -- it's going to be a pure music announcement, he says.

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