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Beaterator is actually coming out -- and soon


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You may not remember Beaterator, Rockstar Games and Timbaland's unique PSP collaboration. Why? It was announced over two years ago, in March 2007. Originally a Flash application on the Rockstar website, Beaterator allows players of all skill levels to create "professional-level music" through the thousands of loops and sounds included in the application.

The PSP version of Beaterator is being developed by Rockstar Leeds, the team behind the PSP and DS Grand Theft Auto games. In preparation for the launch of the all-digital PSP Go, Rockstar will be releasing Beaterator on both UMD and PlayStation Network on September 29th in the US and October 2nd in Europe. This is actually the first of two PSP games expected from Rockstar Leeds this year: a PSP version of Chinatown Wars is also planned for release this holiday.

Check out the trailer above, and the box art after the break.

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