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Create my Champion: BGBB

Kyle Horner

The final Create my Champion is in, and I think you'll all enjoy this one. BGBB -- or Bunny-go-BoomBoom -- turned out much better than I had hoped. Although, while there are many animal heads and ears to choose from in the character creator, bunny ears is strangely not one of them.

Munitions wasn't a power set that I'd been incredibly interested until I played this character. Cryptic has done a really amazing job creating a variety of guns and weaponry with which to obliterate your enemies. There's a power representing pretty much every firearm variant you'd expect: handgun, submachine gun, shotgun and assault rifle. I think there's even an uzi in there, although don't quote me on that one.

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From the mind of Vaporwolf:

Once a peaceful rabbit content with nibbling cabbage, BGBB was subjected to a series of terrifying experiments by the evil genius Karrot. Now, BGBB has been enhanced with cybernetic enhancements and state of the art weaponry and seeks only to rid the world of evil so he can settle down on a remote cabbage patch.

So like I said, this is the final installment of Create my Champion. Starting next week, you'll all have the opportunity to tackle the character creator yourselves. I'm sure there'll be plenty of over-the-top creations running around come launch day, so I'll just assume it's you guys when I see them!

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