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Uncharted 2 to dwarf original, Nate Drake's shirt will be more tucked in

We'll get through this quickly so we can hurry along to the important stuff -- a recent 1UP interview with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves creative director Amy Hennig and Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells is rife with details about the highly anticipated sequel. They touch on a lot of aspects of the game that'll really resonate with series fans -- things like the ramifications of mercenary murder, whether the player will be able to choose between Drake's two female accomplices, and the actual length of the sequel (spoiler alert: It's going to be bigger than the first game).

However, the savoriest meats in the interview come at the end, when the two finally start discussing the degree of tucked-innedness that is applied to Nathan Drake's shirt. Tim Schafer was the first to notice this phenomenon in the first game, coining the phrase "half-tuck." Now it seems the folks at Naughty Dog are kicking it up to notches unknown. Get this -- front of the shirt? Almost fully tucked in. Back of the shirt? Half-tucked. Put it all together? Three-quarters-tucked. Oh yeah -- this baby's got "Game of the Year" written all over it.

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