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Ainol announces V8000HD PMPs with HDMI, h.264 support


Well, well... it looks like Microsoft isn't the only company overhauling, upgrading, and generally "swankifying" its handheld devices. We just received a dispatch from detailing the new V8000HD line from Ainol and, while we doubt we'll be seeing one of these guys in the States any time soon, they do manage to pack a lot in a little package. Available in three flavors, the V8000HDA(4.3-inch / 800 x 480), V8000HDB (4.3-inch / 480 x 272), and V8000HDG (5-inch / 800 x 480) are being billed as PVPs (Portable Video Players) -- because, you know, there aren't enough arbitrary product categories out there as it is. According to the company, the PVP concept centers around full support for the H.264 codec (up to 1280 x 720), HDMI output (in addition to your standard component and A/V outs), and hi-def audio support. Also included is a USB port for access to external storage. No word on prices or release date, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, feel free to feast your eyes on some Chinese-language PR in the gallery below.

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