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Aion Elyos and Asmodian origin videos revealed

Lesley Smith

With the sixth and final Closed Beta Test for NCsoft's newest title, Aion, beginning later today. Things are starting to get really interesting. YouTube is a haven for all things video, especially when it comes to gaming and a look at those which aren't yet out. Well, a Hungarian fansite has uncovered the Elyos and Asmodians origin videos and posted them on their Youtube channel. Both videos are short but packed with lore and done in a similar style to the Aion origins video we told you about last month.

Told from the perspective of a member of each race, the two videos narrate the first meeting of the Elyos and the Asmodians after years of separation. The Elyos blundered through a rift and a simple misunderstanding, perceived differently by each side, led to the start of a bitter feud. The Elyos believed the Asmodians were corruptions and that both them and their land must be destroyed, while the Asmodians feel it is their right to conquer the Elyos and their lush land simply because they believe they – and their Shedim Lords – were the ones who saved Atreia from complete destruction during the Cataclysm.

Juicy stuff, eh? Well check out the videos in their complete Korean glory after the jump (click on cc to get the English subtitles).

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