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APB accepting beta applicants, looking for soundtrack contributions

In our minds, there are three types of people in the world -- folks who want to get their hands on Realtime Worlds' cops-and-robbers MMO APB with all available haste, folks who couldn't care less about the game, and, of course, folks who are members of self-promoting indie bands. We've got great news for the first group -- you can now sign-up for the APB beta on the game's official site. The application is a bit ... thorough (ethnicity? Marital status? Income range?), but confidentiality is assured. Fret not, second group -- it's not like it's mandatory or anything.

Look lively, third group -- the recently updated APB site also has a section where you can license your music for the game's soundtrack. It has to be an original composition, however -- we're afraid you'll have to save your hardcore Postal Service covers for your throngs of MySpace fans.

[Thanks, XIII!]

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