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EA looking to add Michael Vick to Madden 10 on August 19


Earlier today, Kotaku reported everyone's favorite animal lover (sarcasm, ahoy!) could make his way into Madden 10 via an update. See, yesterday he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, cementing his return to the NFL. But, since Madden 10 already shipped, many wondered if he would even be in the game.

Enter: Rob Semsey, EA's resident dude to pass all Madden questions to, who told Kotaku that EA was trying to get him into the game and promised "an announcement in the near future." But, see, here at Joystiq, that doesn't cut the mustard, so we grilled Semsey for something more. He had this to say: "Michael Vick will be added to the Philadelphia Eagles roster in the next Madden NFL 10 roster update, pending NFLPA and NFL approvals. The next roster update will go live approximately on August 19th for Xbox 360 and PS3, with additional platforms to follow shortly thereafter." So, yes, he'll even make his way to the Wii game and, in all likelihood, we could all see Vick sporting some green as early as this Wednesday.

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