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Lost Planet 2 online co-op demo coming next week to Xbox Live

We're finally approaching that point when things we got our hands on at E3 are making their way into the general populous, giving us and you, our readers, topics of conversation with which to break the awkward silence. For instance, we got to play the surprisingly thrilling four-player co-op demo from Lost Planet 2 at Capcom's E3 2009 booth. Next week -- on Wednesday, August 19 (August 26 for Silver subscribers), to be precise -- you'll be able to download and play the demo yourselves.

If you're trying to get pumped up for the demo's release, check out our write-up from our brief time with the demo. Or, if you want to be surprised, then ... don't read that post, we guess. Go read something else, instead. Maybe those Twilight books. The kids seem to love those.

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