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Two Bosses Enter: Gal'darah versus Moorabi


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome! Two Bosses Enter, One Boss Leaves – and this week, those bosses are Gal'darah and Moorabi of Gundrak. Gal'darah steps into the ring today after a decisive victory with 59% of the vote against first-round opponent Krystallus. Moorabi's impressive 65% victory against first-round opponent Trollgore lends him an equally aggressive appeal.

The ground rules:
  • Assume that the opponents and their minions share similar levels, health pools and comparative overall damage output.
  • This deathmatch takes place in neutral territory, which shall not hinder either boss from using his usual encounter abilities.
  • All the usual minions will be available to each boss.
  • Don't get caught up in gameplay mechanics and what actual players might do in each encounter.
  • Don't neglect style, story and scale.
Will Gal'darah be able to make less of Moorabi? Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ... Dyin' time's here.

Gal'darah (Gundrak)
I'm gonna spill your guts, mon!

Gal'darah, the High Prophet of Akali, is the last boss of Gundrak. During battle, he summons Spirit Rhinos that charge opponents, knocking them back and dealing significant damage. Gal'darah periodically morphs into Rhino form, Impaling combatants with Puncture damage and immobilizing them on his horn for 5 seconds. His Whirling Slash: nasty, just nasty.
  • Enrage 125% attack speed increase for 10 seconds
  • Whirling Slash Vicious AoE damage
  • Puncture Stacking DoT
  • Impale Randomly impales an opponent, immobilizing for 5 seconds and dealing damage
Read more about Gal'darah's frenetic battle style, and share the insights of players who've faced off with him in battle.

Moorabi (Gundrak)
Get ready for somethin'... much... BIGGAH!

Moorabi, the High Prophet of Man'toth, is an Ice Troll residing in Gundrak. The hallmark of his battle tactics: transforming into a Mammoth, which further increases his already healthy damage output.
Read more about Moorabi's gory battle style, and review comments from players who've fought him.

The deathmatch
Remember: no game-mechanic nitpicking. Set aside differences in opponents' health pools, game level and actual damage output. Vote for the spirit of the battle as set forth above, considering each opponent's abilities -- plus the style, scale and story he or she brings to the table.

Can you come up with a convincing scenario in the comments that will sway other readers to vote for your victor of choice?


Cast your vote in this match of Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season to help us determine who rocks Wrath's five-man world.

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