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Verizon's Touch Pro2 in the wild again, just for kicks

Chris Ziegler

Regardless of carrier, we know that these in-the-wild shots of the Touch Pro2 drive impatient buyers within an inch of madness, so we apologize in advance if this latest batch leads to any mental health facility commitments -- but, you know, we're just doing our job here. This time around, we get Verizon's version of the phone pitted against a Sprint Touch Pro, starkly demonstrating that the new model is a good deal longer -- something we hadn't really considered. We also get a good look at the Device Information screen showing 86.85MB of free RAM and 230.69MB of free ROM, though we can't say with certainty that the shot was taken on a bone-stock Touch Pro2 that was fresh out of the box, not to mention the fact that we could still see firmware revisions before it even hits the market. With global roaming capability, we bet this one's going to be a hot seller in certain audiences -- particularly those with far more business attire in their closets than ourselves.

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