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A first hand look at the Netflix Movie Parties on the Xbox 360

Ben Drawbaugh

Like any true HD fan would, we took some time out of our crazy busy Friday night to get a group of HD fans together and test out the new Netflix Movie Party feature in the latest Xbox 360 update. At first we thought the idea is kinda cheesy, but we admit that we did actually like it -- when it worked. We're not sure what the cause was, but during the two hour movie, it stopped to re-syncing about 10 times because someone was disconnected and then rejoined. This is way too often, but hard to know if it is because of a bad connection or if the service just isn't ready for prime time. The other problem we experienced was all on us. The movie we watched was way too serious, and most people weren't talking. Honestly it just seems unnatural to talk during a movie, and we have to say that the novelty of avatars and emotes wore off rather quickly. That being said, we'd like to thank everyone who helped us test it out though, as their chit chat during the interruptions ended up being the best part of the experience.

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