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Star Trek Online developers discuss Away Team game mechanics

James Egan

Cryptic's upcoming Star Trek Online is boldly going where numerous Star Trek PC games have failed before. Only now, for the first time, the Star Trek IP meets massively multiplayer online games, and we're hoping that Cryptic Studios will release a solid sci-fi title that balances Trekkie canon bliss with gameplay that keeps MMO fans happy. A number of Star Trek fans following along with STO's development clearly have high hopes for the game, and so do we at Massively. What's also unique about Star Trek Online is that it's one of the few sci-fi MMOs that has both starship combat and terrestrial gameplay.

Of course, there are many questions that remain about Star Trek Online, particularly when it comes to beaming down to the surface of planets. Have you ever wondered about when you beam down with your Away Team, if you'll visit the planets that are prominent in Star Trek canon, or will these be new worlds? For that matter, will your starship be left defenseless without you there on the bridge? And if you do Away Missions only with other player characters, will your Bridge Officers still level up with you?

These are all good questions, and the latest dev chat with the Star Trek Online team answers all of this, and more. The August 12th dev chat we mentioned the other day had Star Trek Online Lead Designer Al "Geko" Rivera and Lead Content Designer Zeke "Continuum" Sparkes on hand to field questions from the fans. The chat transcript was generously compiled and color-coded by STO community member NORZY, and can be found on the official Star Trek Online forums.

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