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Wildstorm publishing Modern Warfare 2 comic mini-series (update)


DC Comics subsidiary Wildstorm is about to add another notch to its "video game-to-comic book adaptation" belt, if such a thing weren't too preposterous to exist. The etching can be attributed to its upcoming illustrated stab at Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 in a six-part comic mini-arc, which will be aptly titled Modern Warfare 2: Ghost.

David Lapham, writer and illustrator of the fantastic Stray Bullets series, will reprise these roles for the Ghost-ly comics. Robert Bowling revealed the first piece of Lapham's art on his Twitter yesterday (posted above), but has yet to announce a street date for the comic. Our prediction? Around the same time as the game. Our other prediction? All other comics that were supposed to come out in November will be delayed until Q1 2010.

Update: Bowling just sent over a friendly message expounding upon a few Modern Warfare 2: Ghost details. The cover art was actually done by Federico Dallocchio, who worked on WildStorm's Gears of War and StarCraft comic adaptations. The rest of the art is being handled by former Guardians of the Galaxy artist Kevin West. Lapham has been tasked with writing the actual story of the mini-series. Thanks for the details, Robert!

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