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Image credit: unveils EyePet box, bursting with cuteness


Our love for EyePet should be clear. Why? Not only does it take advantage of the Eye in unique and innovative ways, it is absolutely adorable. It looks like London Studios, responsible for SingStar, has another casual hit on its hands. European retailer has posted what looks like the official box art for EyePet, and it looks oh-so-inviting. The titular mascot has its paws pressed against the box, beckoning for you to play with it.

Kotaku also points out that the box for this upcoming PS3 game looks rather different from other PS3 titles. Notice the lack of the PS3 banner on the left-hand side? The PlayStation Network is prominently featured, but were it not for the PS3 logo stitch atop the clear plastic, you'd be hard-pressed into noticing it was even for the PS3. Is this a subtle marketing change on SCEE's part, or is it something the online retailer is doing for what could be placeholder art?

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