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iPhone It In: Rope 'n' Fly

Justin McElroy

There are deeper, more engrossing, better crafted experiences on the iPhone than Robert Szeleney's Rope 'n' Fly, but you'd be hard pressed to find many that take advantage of the platform so well.

It is, basically, a Spider-Man game. No, of course it's not called that, and (after a recent update) the main character is no longer clad in Spidey's trademark red and blue, but there's no doubt that the game's trying to simulate the feeling of tooling about as the world's favorite wall-crawler.

Presented with simple graphics and in 2D view, Rope 'n' Fly is mainly physics-focused. Simply tap where you want to attach not-Spidey's next web (rope?) and gravity and intertia do the rest. If you get too close to the ground, you'll explode against the pavement and be scored on how far you were able to make it before creating all that work for the city's sanitation department.

So, why is it great for iPhone? Well, it makes good use of the touch screen for starters. But, far more importantly, you can have a complete experience in under a minute thanks to the game's inherent design and quick loading.

So, if you're making an iPhone game of your own, remember this simple formula: "Spider-Man - the color red + quick games + a $0.99 asking price = A really easy recommendation."

Rope 'n' Fly Lite (Free):Rope'n'Fly Lite
Rope 'n' Fly ($0.99): Rope'n'Fly

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