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Red Alert 3 'Commander's Challenge' costs $10, coming to 360 / PS3 this fall [update]


Update: To be clear, the Commander's Challenge content does not require a Red Alert 3 disc and will be sold as a standalone product. We're sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Though Command & Conquer Red Alert 3's Uprising expansion landed on PCs months ago, it seems a port of at least some of the expansion's content is heading to consoles this fall. The "Commander's Challenge" DLC standalone game is set to run you $10 and offers "50 intense challenges against a set of nine different commanders, including 16-time world champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair." Sound familiar? That's because the ESRB let slip the first news of the DLC a little over a month ago.

EA's official confirmation of the DLC game also speaks of "giant Soviet war bears" and an "army of psionic Japanese school girls," but that's all old hat for you Red Alert 3 players out there. Given the price and relative lateness of it, we're curious if anyone other than the most hardcore of RA3 fans will bother picking it up. Well, casual Red Alert 3 players?

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