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WoW Insider Show Episode 103: Lots in common

Mike Schramm

Great time on the show again last week -- Lesley Smith and Patrick Beja (of, err, all the stuff he does) joined Turpster and I last Thursday afternoon to chat about the biggest news in Warcraft recently, including what we've heard about the new expansion, Ghostcrawler's attempt at comedy, and the re-emergence of Onxyia. How exciting! And of course we chatted live with folks in the Ustream chat and answered all of your emails (which you can send along to us at

Next week, our show will be a little bit different. Instead of the usual Saturday at 3:30pm show, because of BlizzCon, we'll instead be doing a live broadcast straight from our meetup on Thursday evening at 7:30pm Pacific. It won't be a formal show -- rather, it'll be your chance to sit in on the meetup, and meet and greet some of our bloggers live in video person. Both Turpster and I will be there (along with a bunch of other folks from the staff), so if you can't make it to BlizzCon, you can still tune in and see what it's like and chat with us (we'll try to save some giveaways for you, too).

We're also planning two different live podcasts next weekend, one each night of BlizzCon, so stay tuned on the site for more information about those. We'll probably combine those into one for iTunes next week (so even if you can't be around live, you can still listen in). More on that later -- meanwhile, enjoy the show, and hopefully we'll see you via Ustream at the meetup on Thursday night.

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