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WoW Moviewatch: Warcraft Final Fantasy Style 7


Warning: A bit of cursing exists in this video.

Thanks to Quixotica for tipping us off to this video. Warcraft Final Fantasy Style 7 by Sefearion is an interesting and complex blend of animation styles. Some of it is machinima, certainly. In many other locations, however, Sefearion took obvious pains to create the animation from scratch.

I found the story a little confusing, since I am picking up the series late in its development. However, the basic idea is that we're now following the adventures of the Orc Warrior Orson. That much was fairly easy to grasp. Sefearion has done so many interesting things with his graphics, I'll admit the story almost could have been "Orc think Dragon pretty!" and I would have watched.

I'd encourage Sefearion to continue the series, but maybe grab an editor to help give it a little more narrative focus. But that's pretty shallow criticism, when you consider the obvious skills Sefearion is displaying here. Overall, it's a great job.

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