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A few broadcasters are moving back to UHF

Ben Drawbaugh

Warranted or not, there has always been a stigma against UHF stations -- greatest Weird Al Yankovic movie ever -- so maybe that had something to do with many broadcasters electing to move back to their original frequency assignment after the digital transition. Whatever the reason, some broadcasters quickly realized the advantages of UHF over VHF when it comes to ATSC and have petitioned the FCC to move back. This is good news for everyone having problems pulling in those signals, but it really makes us wonder why the FCC didn't just standardize on UHF when it had the chance. At any rate, the moral of the story is that if you're having problems receiving your favorite VHF stations after the transition, don't hesitate to be vocal about it; because who knows, maybe they'll actually listen and move to UHF as well. The cool part is that moving frequencies is a pretty painless process thanks to virtual channel numbers -- unless of course you're using Windows Media Center.

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