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A tiny glance at PSP Minis, Digital Comics


Sony had two big announcements for the PSP at GamesCom today. First up was the "PSP Minis" service, which opens the platform to bite-sized, iPhone-esque applications under 100MB in size. Launching the same day as the PSP Go, the service will greatly expand the content available on the PlayStation Store. The initial lineup of games, seen in the video above and gallery below, include a variety of little-known titles like Break Quest, Melody Bloxx, Circles, Flexis, Puzzle Scape, Sudoku, Tetris, Zombie Tycoon, Little Track. This is but a small sampling of the Minis' launch lineup.

Additionally, Sony made the Digital Comics service for the PSP official. The first announced partner is Marvel, but many more are to be announced in the future. In a chat with Eric Lempel, we found out that details like pricing and placement on the XMB are still being determined. You can check out a video of the service after the break.

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