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Eye of Judgment seen on PSP


There's yet another game coming out that will take advantage of the PSP camera beyond Invizimals. SCEE announced Eye of Judgment will make its way to the PSP, and will be playable at GamesCom. Originally a PS3 game, Eye of Judgment allows players to use real trading cards in a dueling game not unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!. The creatures printed on the cards are detected by the camera and rendered on-screen in 3D. While unconfirmed, the PSP version is likely to operate in the same way.

We do have a few questions regarding the PSP version of Eye of Judgment. For example, will PSP owners be able to use the same cards from the PS3 version? Will PSP owners be able to compete online against PS3 owners? Hopefully, all will be answered later at GamesCom.

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