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The Mac-cessability Network: resources for Apple accessibility


Touting another blog or website isn't an everyday occurrence here at TUAW, but a recent press release got our notice. A site called The Mac-cessibility Network is the work of six dedicated individiduals, all of whom are visually impaired, who provide the Apple community with a source of information on accessibility.

Through updated news, the Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast, and a list of other sites and resources, The Mac-cessibility Network delivers a single source for information for blind and visually impaired Apple fans, as well as providing other useful facts for other disability groups.

One item that I was totally unaware of until I visited The Mac-cessibility Network is that our favorite smartphone, the Apple iPhone 3GS, is also the most useful smartphone for visually impaired people. Why? Going to Settings > General > Accessibility allows you to turn on VoiceOver, which was previously limited to only running on Macs and the iPod shuffle. VoiceOver on the 3GS is amazing, reading your email, helping you to type replies by announcing the keys that are being touched, and otherwise telling you what you're currently touching on the phone.

Hints like this, as well as the other resources on this site, make The Mac-cessibility Network a "must-bookmark" site for the visually impaired and for Apple consultants and resellers. Consider making a donation to support the continued viability of The Mac-cessibility Network.

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