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CVG: No multiplayer beta for Modern Warfare 2 [update]


Update: Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has given the final word on a Modern Warfare 2 beta, saying it's not out of the realm of possibility, but also not very likely. "While no Public Beta is currently announced we do plan on running an extensive Closed Beta among Infinity Ward, Activision, and possibly first party partners worldwide ... once the internal beta is completed, if for any reason we feel we didn't receive the feedback, address the issues, or have the result we expect, we would consider pushing forward with a public one. However at this point only an internal Closed Beta is planned." And that's that! ... or is it?! (We're pretty sure it is.)

We know you had a great time testing Call of Duty 4's multiplayer component before the final game launched, so we're sad to note CVG's report that Modern Warfare 2 will not go the same route as its predecessor. An Activision spokesperson confirmed to the outlet that there will be no multiplayer beta for the game.

We also know that sucks, so in an effort to get Activision and developer Infinity Ward to change their minds, we've started this online petition. It's bound to get their attention, right? Hello? Are you going to get a pen? It's on the internet, you don't need one!

[Thanks, Cr4sh Dummy]

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