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LittleBigPlanet PSP loses multiplayer, and maybe its soul


Like a child with all the world's toys at his disposal but no one to play with, Sackboy drifts lonesomely across the 2D plane. At first glance, the confines of LittleBigPlanet PSP appear to be punishment for the heaps of joy he carelessly reaped with his now missing friends -- even with complete strangers -- as they indulged in orgies of pure fun in the PS3 version. Had he taken these spontaneous acts of foolishness and delight for granted, Sackboy wondered.

"The one thing we've lost is multiplayer," senior producer Mark Green explained of LBP PSP to Eurogamer at GamesCom this week. "The system is physically capable of doing multiplayer, but perhaps not with the full physics system. On the technical side of things you lose a third of the processing power or a third of the system memory just to do multiplayer at all. With those limitations we couldn't achieve it." Couldn't achieve what? Joy?

Green did clarify that the PSP game will feature "full" level creation and sharing (online/ad-hoc) modes. Additionally, further tweaks to LBP PSP include downsizing the game field to one 2D plane (no foreground and background planes) and so-called improvement upon the original's floaty jump mechanic. Did we also mention there's ... no multiplayer?

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