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Namco Bandai announces Majin: The Fallen Realm [update: images!]


[Update: No more Dragon Ball Z screencaps: we've got a couple of snapshots from the GamesCom presentation in our gallery!]

At its GamesCom press conference, Namco Bandai revealed a new PS3/360 game from Genji (and Dragon Ball: Origins) developer Game Republic -- it's called Majin: The Fallen Realm. According to our correspondent, the game's introduction had "a very Last Guardian feel."

Majin stars a young thief who works with "Majin the beast," who is some kind of big monster, in order to solve puzzles together. Majin is expected to release in Spring 2010. We should have more screens and details later today!

Gallery: Majin: The Fallen Realm (360/PS3) | 2 Photos

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