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Samsung Gravity 2 now available on T-Mobile, $30 on contract

Chris Ziegler

We knew the Gravity 2 was coming, but when it was announced, T-Mobile stayed coy about pricing and availability beyond saying "August." Turns out that "August" means today, because a quick visit to the carrier's website now lets you get in on the text-heavy landscape slider for a mere $29.99 on contract after rebate in your choice of "Metallic Pumpkin" or the arguably more sophisticated "Berry Mauve." Don't expect the world -- the camera's just 2 megapixels and the screen is going to cause frustration, eyestrain, injury, and / or death if you try to browse actual websites -- but at least you've got GPS, AWS 3G, and some of the more spacious texting you'll find at this price point. Just don't drop it, because you'll learn how it gets its name real quick.

[Via TmoToday]

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