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Samsung InstinctQ for Sprint pictured: imagine a G1, but better

Chris Ziegler

Going off mere clues, hypotheses and shreds of evidence, we've been trying to wrap our brains around the InstinctQ for a while now -- and finally we've got a picture that firms everything up: it's definitely an Android-powered landscape QWERTY slider for Sprint. We know the Hero's in the pipeline, too, so between these two, Sprint could be poised to catch up to T-Mobile in a big, big way (as far as Android goes, anyhow) this fall. We think we're digging the touch-sensitive Home, Menu, and Back buttons, and the expansive keyboard looks plenty usable. The screen isn't looking quite as vibrant as its autobahn-driving European cousin, the Galaxy -- but we'll wait on passing final judgment until it's in our hands, of course. Any chance that's happening soon?

[Thanks, Justin]

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