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Sith Warrior officially the next SWTOR class

Kyle Horner

While not entirely unexpected -- especially since it was playable, but unnamed, at this year's E3 -- Star Wars: The Old Republic's Sith Warrior class has now been officially revealed and discussed by BioWare. We're expecting an official class page by Friday, but for now this Gamespot interview from GamesCom will have to sate our curiosity.

It'll come as no surprise that in their effort to emulate classic iconic movie characters, BioWare has decided to make the Sith Warrior a physically aggressive front line fighter who dons somewhat heavy armor. So, if your aspiration as a little boy or girl was to grow up and become just like Darth Vader, here's your chance.

Interestingly, while abilities such as Force Choke will be present in the Sith Warrior's skill set, the class leans between pure offense or a balanced defensive-offensive build. With such an emphasis on nitty gritty physical combat, many are starting to wonder if another Sith class will represent something akin to Emperor Palpatine, a heavy force user. We think there's a good chance that may happen, although it's all speculation until the actual reveal.

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