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VAIO TT disappears from Sony's US site (update: gone for good)

Nilay Patel

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We've always loved the super-expensive VAIO TT with a passion, but apparently the netbook onslaught was just too much for the well-reviewed 11.1-inch machine to take: it's gone from Sony's US website, and we're guessing that it's not going to return. That's too bad, since we've always felt the TT was one of the more beautiful laptops ever made, and while we could never justify its fully kitted-out $4,450 price tag, we always had one on our want list. Hopefully Sony has some grander plans for this size point than the sadly-generic VAIO W -- in the meantime, light a candle and check our unboxing and hands-on gallery below.

Update: We just heard back from Sony -- yep, the VAIO TT is gone, and it's not coming back. Shed a tear, will ya?

Gallery: Sony VAIO TT: unboxing and hands-on | 48 Photos

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