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Yinlips Projector PMP is a PMP with a projector

Vlad Savov

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You might not know this, but your portable media player is "shackling" you down with its shockingly small screen. What you, and every other self-respecting technophile, need is a projector to explode your awesome digital media onto the nearest wall, flat surface, or just some guy's shirt. Nikon popularized this projector integration madness, and now Yinlips is continuing it with the 3.5-inch Projector PMP, which claims it can beam out a humongous 80-inch picture (we'd be impressed if it can do half that) and play 64-bit games of an unspecified variety. Further info is scant right now, but we suspect you could fill in the blanks with your favorite generic Chinese PMP's specs and you'll probably be pretty much spot on. You'll know more as soon as we do.

[Via Cloned in China]

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