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Chumby widgets to appear on photo frame, other devices by year's end

Nilay Patel

Chumby announced that it'd be bringing its snuggly little widgets to other devices all the back in February, and it looks like we're finally seeing some action -- "powered by Chumby" gear should be on shelves by the end of the year. The first device out of the gate will be -- surprise, surprise -- a digital picture frame from an unnamed partner that will apparently integrate with Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter, and offer new feeds, internet radio, and weather. You know, Chumby stuff. We're more interested in seeing the fruits of Chumby's new partnership with Samsung -- Sammy's already doing widgets like crazy with TouchWiz on mobile and Yahoo's Widget Engine in the living room, so we're wondering where Chumby fits in. We're also wondering what'll happen to the Chumby hardware now that the company seems focused on becoming a software company -- maybe we'll finally place that order.

[Thanks, Craig; Photo is that sweet Chumby telephone mod]

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