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Demos for NHL 10 and DiRT 2 join Lost Planet 2 and Mini Ninjas on Live

Need something to chew up your free time between constant attempts to sequence break Shadow Complex? Xbox Live Marketplace has been invaded by a slew of new game demos -- currently available to Gold members -- to help combat your boredom.

With four demos hitting the Marketplace in the last two days, Xbox users are treated to a collection of completely different gaming experiences. Strap into the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and race the Trailblazer event in DiRT 2, lace up your skates and hit the ice in the NHL 10 demo, show off your ninja skills in Mini Ninjas or jump online with up to four players and attack the evil Akrid in the Lost Planet 2 Co-op demo. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a diverse selection of video game demos.

Queue up the DiRT 2 demo
Queue up the NHL 10 demo (and check out Xbox Canada's exclusive Q&A)
Queue up the Mini Ninjas demo
Queue up the Lost Planet 2 Co-op demo

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