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DJ Mouse eliminates 'the science of mixing music' with a jog wheel


Looking for a way to liven up those house parties of yours? Winamp playlist feeling a little passe? iTunes "Genius" feature not really so smart? A company called DJ-Tech has got the answer, and it's the DJ Mouse. What separates an input device for turntablists from one for the unwashed masses, you ask? Is it the "high-definition jog wheel," the one that integrates with the Deckadance software to "let you spin platters intuitively?" Why, yes, it is! But it's also so much more. Don't forget the Scratch button, without which there would be no "direct scratch mode." As the ad says, you too can "become a DJ in one minute, without the science of mixing music." Available for $79 -- but make sure you don't go anywhere before you peep the truly amazing commercial after the break. And take that, Grandmaster Flash!

[Via OhGizmo!]

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