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Final Fantasy XIII team 'aiming' for three-DVD release


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Square Enix's decision to simultaneously launch Final Fantasy XIII on both PS3 and Xbox 360 certainly caused a lot of fan fervor. With each DVD holding far less data than a Blu-ray disc, PlayStation fanboys soon came up with mock-ups of the 360 version of the game, some with as many as 40 discs! Xbox 360 users won't have to worry, though, as reality is shaping up quite differently.

Speaking at GamesCom, Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase commented: "This isn't the final count yet, but we're aiming for about three discs." The team is working to compress as much as possible, while still keeping the quality high. Interestingly enough, at three discs, Final Fantasy XIII won't take the crown for the 360 game with the highest disc count. Instead, Microsoft's exclusive Lost Odyssey manages to stay on top with its four.

Releasing a multi-disc Final Fantasy game isn't new for Square Enix. In fact, the company launched Final Fantasy VII on three discs back in the PS1 era. In spite of the burden of having to change discs, we heard that game turned out pretty alright.

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